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How to See if Your Time Has Been Approved

1. Go to MyUFL

2. Enter your GatorLink Username and Password in the spaces provided on the left side of the screen.

3. Go to the My Self Service in the myUFL Menu on the top right section of the screen.

4. Select Time Reporting in the Menu that appears. 

5. Select View Time in the Menu that appears. 

6. Select Payable Time Detail.

7.  Enter a Start Date and End Date for the range of days you wish to view.

8.  Make sure the Total Quantity on the bottom right side of the screen reflect the total number of hours you worked for the date range shown.

9. Make sure all Payable Status entries appear to be approved.   If not, remind your supervisor to approve the time before the payroll deadline.  If unavailable, report to your alternate pay time approver. 

Note: Payable Status should read Distributed, or something to that extent.  If the hours have not been approved the Payable Staus will read Needs Approval

10.  To view another date range, change the Start Date and End Date.


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